Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake Machine 


What do you get when you combine genius with oddity? Nikola Tesla comes close. At least the Manhattan fire department in 1898 would have said so, when their office floor rumbled beneath them…an earthquake in Manhattan? They knew immediately who was responsible – the local weirdo/ scientist/wizard. They ran up the shaking stairs of Tesla’s warehouse and barged into his lab just as this immaculately dressed gentleman removed a small black box from the girder that held up his roof. His portable vibrator, or mechanical oscillator, had been the culprit. Tesla later claimed he could split the planet in two with it. The amazing (but false) abilities of this machine have since been propounded by the New Age movement, with the advent of Tesla plates – personal pieces of anodized purple-painted aluminum that sell for $100 or more, and are “guaranteed” to utilize Teslian technology to mechanically alter the unhealthy oscillations of any object within range. While this claim may be utter BS, Tesla’s mechanical oscillator did have known laxative properties, as Mark Twain found out…but that is another story.  

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