Leonardo da Vinci’s Walk on Water Shoes


Revered as one of the greatest men of all time, Leonardo considered himself a failure. In fact, by his own standards he was a spectacular failure: he completed very few paintings, his experiments often flopped, and his primary goal of developing an understanding of how the world worked went absolutely nowhere. Amongst the thousands of pages of notebooks he dedicated to this ill-fated task, there is a drawing of one of his very bad ideas: walking on water shoes. Part of a series of military tactics, these shoes were intended to allow a soldier to reach any boat. Trouble is, they are poorly engineered. Leonardo obviously does not have a good grasp of physics; no-one would actually be able to walk in these shoes. Or would they? We’ll recreate them, using genuine pigs’ bladders to find out. And also ask the question, why would anyone, other than Jesus, want to walk on water anyway? Remy Bricka is just the man to answer that question; he holds the world speed record for walking on water, and has walked across the Atlantic (and survived to tell the tale).  

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