Leo Szilard and Albert Einsteinís Howling Refrigerator

Einstein and Szilard were quite a team. Famous for their involvement in the development of the atomic bomb, both were remarkable pacifists. Together, they were so moved by news of tragic accidents involving a leaking fridge that killed a whole family that they decided to design their own, safe fridge. Three designs were created and patented. One was almost made into a commercial product, but it was too loud. And, besides, someone else had beat them to the draw Ė developing a safe fridge that used freon. Their patents sat on dusty shelves for more than seven decades; but now two groups of scientists in Cambridge, England are racing to turn the designs into a commercial success. In todayís world, Szilard and Einsteinís energy-efficient, CFC-free fridges, which work without electricity, is highly desirable. But who will get there first?

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