George Washington Carver’s Miracle Peanut Cure


George Washington Carver is among America’s best known inventors. His credits include a prolific list of products made from peanuts and other Southern crops. Yet not a single one of Carver’s inventions ever became a commercial success. The closest was a cough syrup – horrible tasting stuff containing peanut oil and creosote, since declared to be toxic. Carver also tried to convince politicians and funders that peanut oil was beneficial in the treatment of polio, but few believed him and the experiments were never performed. Poor Carver; his life is a tragedy of Hardyan proportions – his desire to be a fine artist thwarted by the prejudicial times in which he was born. However, his story teaches us something of the very nature of success. For while Carver as a great inventor is a myth, this one man had a massive influence on the personal lives of tens of thousands of individuals. Commercial impact: zero; societal impact: immeasurable.  

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